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Market Intelligence

See the how, where and why of today’s digital shopper

Discover online consumer and market spending trends with access to our unparalleled datasets.

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Confidently navigate today’s online shopping landscape

Evaluate online market positioning, influence conversions and increase retention from one purchase cycle to the next, gaining intelligence on pre- and post-purchase online shopping behaviors at a brand, retail, category and item-level.

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Shopper Journey

Arrive at intent that drives the purchase

Understand pre-purchase intentions within the shopper journey and unlock conversion behaviors behind why consumers buy what they buy. 

Keyword insights that reveal what led to actual sales
Comparison shopping data showing the alternatives consumers considered before purchasing
Competitive conversion rates broken out by any combination of merchant, category and brand

Market Benchmark

Discover the drivers behind your market position

Understand today’s competitive landscape by assessing online shopping performance across a wide variety of retailers and brands.

Determine your market position across thousands of product categories and merchants
Track performance of known and unknown of brands, from household names to private label goods
Analyze the performance of tens of millions of products across leading supermarket, mass-merchant and specialty retail online domains
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Buyer Behavior

Go beyond the checkout with post-purchase visibility

Gain a complete understanding of consumer post-purchase behavior by utilizing share of wallet, basket and loyalty analysis.

Increase spend from current customers by analyzing purchase activity at the item-level across your category over time
Reduce churn and improve retention by identifying the drivers behind new and lost customers
Prove brand value within the basket and use to expand product line

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