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Partner Collaboration

Drive Enhanced Results Through Stronger Relationships

Data is one of your most valuable assets. We help you increase that value by extending it beyond your organization. By sharing data with your external business partners through our Partner Collaboration solution, you set a foundation for unprecedented communication and enhance the strategic value of these relationships.


Key Benefits

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Securely sharing your data

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Driving revenue through monetization

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Strengthening your partnerships

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Collaboration Portal

A fully managed, external data sharing solution enabling strategic collaboration with key stakeholders for:


Shared View of The Business 

Enhance compliance by holding key stakeholders accountable for mutually agreed upon and tracked metrics, including KPIs via scheduled and ad hoc reports

Drive unprecedented transparency that enables immediate joint decision-making and action on mutually detected changes in the marketplace and shifts in demand

Customizable System of Insight

A powerful system to collaboratively analyze historical results, set goals, develop tactics, and track execution from a single version of the truth

Securely control, grant permission, and share granular-level data streams with trading partners utilizing powerful governance and security tools

Program Management

We train and onboard your external business partners onto your collaboration portal, as well as manage ongoing support through education, online resources and live trainings enabled by:


Dedicated Resources 

Engagement Managers and Solution Consultants

Help and technical support desk access, including optional onsite support

Strategy & Execution

Development of a joint program plan around the definition of monetization tiers, identification of targets, and committed timelines

Roll out of target acquisition strategy including outreach, sales, and contract completion

Implementation and onboarding of business partners